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Scrape Map

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The Scrape Map is a unique and luxurious large world map poster with a layer to scrape off the places you’ve visited. Re-live your travel memories and order your Scrape Map now!

Discover the deluxe features

You’ll find a lot of special elements on the Map, we reveal a few of them, the rest is up to discover yourself….

Detailed design with hidden icons

Illustrated with tickets, travel-stamps, polaroids -and more-

High quality laminated card with close ups

For the ultimate personal touch: complete your own bucket list

Countries and capitals are marked for accurate scrape off

Packed in a luxe tube which makes it a wonderful gift

The Story behind...

The Scrape map is designed with passion and love for travelling, by Miranda Aresu. After her 8-month world trip she was full of inspiration and travel experiences that she wanted to share. ‘My mission is to create an awesome travellers map that will make globetrotters smile every time they look at it’ thus Miranda. That’s how the idea of the Scrape Map was born….

- Miranda Aresu

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